Featured Interview for I AM PR Agency Industry Spotlight

I was interviewed for I AM PR Agency‘s Industry Spotlight by one of my former writers at Pink and Black Magazine, Lawanda Johnson. We talked about how I got my start in writing and in entertainment, my blog, interning at Hollywood Life and meeting celebrities, what Audrey Magazine is all about, and a lot more. It was very cool to be on the other side of what I do! Thank you so much Lawanda and I AM PR for featuring me!

Since we live in a digital age, I do think being an active blogger has helped me build my online presence. When I go to networking events and when I meet new people, it’s one of the ways I get people to remember me. Just like in the way there are YouTube stars, I think it’s possible for anyone with a blog—with a focus and is updated regularly—to make a career out of it somehow.

Check out the full interview in I AM PR Agency’s blog. It will also be stickied in my new Featured page!


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