Announcing the Official Karen On Relaunch Date, a New Blog, and New Site Features

New Karen On HeaderHi everyone!

In case you missed it, I announced last week on Karen On that the new version of the website will officially relaunch on January 14, 2013. I have also announced that I will be blogging on what I call a temporary annex blog at dat girl Karen until the new website is ready. On dat girl Karen, you will get a feel of the types of posts I’ll make on the updated version of Karen On, so be sure to check it out and follow along!

On another note, you have probably noticed for a long time that this website has undergone a transformation too! One of the major updates is that I will now be using the blogging function to feature any new articles that have been posted to my portfolio. This way, you can quickly navigate to my latest work (that I feel proud of, of course)! Another new major update is the addition of my Featured page, which lists a bunch of other websites and social media pages that my work (writing, photos, and videos) has been mentioned, quoted, or featured in. To coincide with the relaunch of my blog, I have also changed the Karen On subpage of my portfolio to Entertainment Reviews, Interviews, and News—same content, just a different title.

I thank you all for your support as I make this transition. If you have any feedback regarding any of my three current sites and what you’d like to see on the new blog, I welcome it, so feel free to email me or leave your comments here. Thanks again, and see you here, there, and everywhere!


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