Featured Journalist on International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF)’s Facebook Page

I’m humbled and honored to be a featured journalist alongside many innovative and courageous women in the media field this month on the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF’s) Facebook page. It’s just a simple little blurb listing some recent and relevant gigs on my resume! Be sure to flip through the entire page to see the incredible work women in the profession are doing all over the world!

Thank you to my editor-in-chief at The Hudsucker, friend, and fellow featured journalist Tania Hussain for passing the word along about the opportunity!

Check out my bio here, and please check out IWMF on the Web. This feature will be stickied in my Featured page!

Featured Interview for I AM PR Agency Industry Spotlight

I was interviewed for I AM PR Agency‘s Industry Spotlight by one of my former writers at Pink and Black Magazine, Lawanda Johnson. We talked about how I got my start in writing and in entertainment, my blog, interning at Hollywood Life and meeting celebrities, what Audrey Magazine is all about, and a lot more. It was very cool to be on the other side of what I do! Thank you so much Lawanda and I AM PR for featuring me!

Since we live in a digital age, I do think being an active blogger has helped me build my online presence. When I go to networking events and when I meet new people, it’s one of the ways I get people to remember me. Just like in the way there are YouTube stars, I think it’s possible for anyone with a blog—with a focus and is updated regularly—to make a career out of it somehow.

Check out the full interview in I AM PR Agency’s blog. It will also be stickied in my new Featured page!