2014 in Review


Hello friends and followers!

I’ve been meaning to post a few site updates, but have been really busy these days—in good ways! For starters, I started freelancing for two websites—Bay Area HQ and Super Sunday HQ—back in October. For Bay Area HQ, I seek out celebrity and athlete events and appearances around the Bay Area and write short posts about them, just to let readers know that they’re happening. For Super Sunday HQ, I write about VIP parties, events, and concerts going on in Arizona during Super Bowl 49 week/weekend. Due to the more informative and straight-forward nature of these posts, I have decided not to include them on my portfolio on this site. However, you can check out my author pages here and here! I have also contributed a few seasonal lifestyle pieces to the fast-growing women’s news and features site Bustle.

Also in recent days, I made a huge stride in my professional life by landing my first “big girl” job! I am now a Community Manager for the Likes social network at MyLikes.com. My role is focused on monitoring user content and maintaining¬†a safe and clean network for all, and I’m really excited about the opportunity to take on a bigger role in the tech space!

I’m really thankful for the incredible opportunities I had with these outlets and companies in 2014 and I look forward to working with them more in the next year and to see what else is in store. In turn, expect a few updates around the site (Also, please note that links to U Blush articles are currently broken as the site is no longer in existence, at least for now). Additionally, my blog Karen On recently established a couple of exciting partnerships with other brands, so I’ll be back to blogging real, real soon!

It’s been an excellent year for me in all aspects and I hope it was for you too. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way so I can write this post to you today. Have an amazing 2015 and I will see you all there!


(FEATURED PHOTO CREDIT: librariesrock @ Flickr)

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