Backstreet’s Back, All Right!: Celebrating 20 Years of BSB | The Hudsucker

The Backstreet Boys have a rich 20-year history as one of pop music’s most well-known and beloved acts. In this milestone year, they have received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, released their eighth full-length studio album In a World Like This, and are currently on an international tour to support the album.  Most importantly, they have done and are doing all of this with [Kevin] Richardson back in the mix, so Backstreet’s definitely back, in the way they were meant to be. Although older and wiser (And all married with kids, minus the engaged [Nick] Carter, who is well on his way), these are men that will always endearingly be Boys to us. We look into some of the band’s key moments and the hot hits that have become so integral to the identity and backstory of the Backstreet Boys.

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