Is This the End…or Is This the Beginning?: Out With the Old and in With a New Karen On

Announcing the transition from Karen On, entertainment website to Karen On, lifestyle blog!

Shower Sweat Repeat

Dear Readers and Visitors,

Long time no see! As you’ve noticed, this blog has not been updated in a few months and even before that, it was only updated with links to posts from my other publications. As I’ve been busy writing pieces for four other websites that were far more important to me, I now realize that I finally want to come back home, but in turn, I must make some changes.

I will be switching to a Monday-Friday schedule at my day job in a couple of weeks to assist with our busy holiday season (And for personal matters). To accommodate this, I will be exiting from two of my current contributor positions (The editors for both of these sites have already been notified of my intentions). The full work schedule is much of the reason for why I’m leaving, but there’s more: Though I will always be…

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