All-new and upcoming for 2012

I know it’s been a week since we rang in the new year, but Happy New Year to all of you and I hope your first week of 2012 was fantastic!

I’ve been fixing little things on this site for the past couple of months and I can now say that it is pretty much complete! My home page sounds punchier; the Portfolio has more accessible navigation; my Activism page now has more than two words on it; I added a Specialties and Services page that explains more about the topics I’m interested in covering and freelance projects I’m open to; my Resume page now has a [less-than-stellar] visual version embedded; and I updated my Media and Work Experience sections with some new ventures.

That’s right: For the next few months, I will be juggling both an office job and an internship! I’ve been enjoying my new morning routine at Cardpool but I am SUPER stoked to be filling the role of Publicity Intern for the 30th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival! It’s going to be such an incredible opportunity for my line of work and having volunteered for the festival a couple of times, I feel so proud to be even more involved with an event and organization that I love so much. I am going to be so busy but after the miserable November-December I’ve had, I couldn’t be happier about having these opportunities. This is what my life is all about. 🙂

The only thing I need for this site is new photography since the photos you’re seeing are over a year old, but I’m trying to shoot for the end of the month to take them down and replace them with more current portraits. To be honest though, I haven’t really changed much in my appearance at all, haha!

I’m going to continue to work hard and hope that 2012 will be a milestone year. It’s definitely off to a good start! Thank you all for sticking with me and to all my new visitors, friends, and colleagues, welcome! And to each and every single one of you, I hope 2012 will be a spectacular time in your lives!

Best wishes,

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