Welcome to Karen-Datangel.net!

I used to know for sure what I wanted to be, but now I’m not so sure. That’s the beauty of this young life of mine—always discovering new things and new interests.

Here’s what I do know: My humble beginnings consisted of taking random student surveys, covering major campus events, and interviewing athletes and faculty members at my high school and manning the concession stand and selling tickets at my local cinema’s box office on the side. In college and thereafter, I spent hours editing videos in the newsroom, went to Los Angeles for a summer to hit red carpets and parties, conversed with celebrities and filmmakers of varying degrees of fame there and here in the Bay Area, and reviewed a multitude of films, albums, concerts, and theater productions. I went from teenage multiplex worker and school newspaper editor to budding video producer/Hollywood correspondent/online writer and blogger extraordinaire.

If you asked me a year ago what I was planning to do with my Journalism degree, I would tell you that I wanted to be an entertainment writer and reporter, with a focus on film and the film industry. But I’m not as picky anymore: Sure, I’d like to get back to the red carpet again and dedicate my life to watching movies and rambling about them constructively. But I’d be happy sitting in an office, putting my love for the Internet and social media to good use to curate and create digital content, particularly for entertainment and women’s lifestyle websites. I’m even interested in working on either side of sports media—a team’s PR department or on a beat for a publication—particularly involving Major League Baseball. Whatever path I choose to pursue, I’m ready to make a mark.

My website contains my extensive editorial portfolio featuring samples of my original work over the years, as well as detailed information about me and my background in media and the general workforce. It will be updated regularly as I continue my journey. I hope you join me.

Karen Datangel